Press Assets

Here are assets and app images that you can use when mentioning iTagged in articles.
If you need anything else please let us know by contacting us at

Promo Shot


Promo Shot – PNG 1920×1080 pixels (2.8MB)

Augment Your Reality Promo

Augment Your Reality Promo – MOV 1080p (58.9MB)

App Screenshots


Screenshot 1 in Device / Augmented Reality – PNG 1242×2208 pixels (2.4MB)

Screenshot 2 in Device / Adding a Tag – PNG 1242×2208 pixels (799KB)

Screenshot 3 in Device / Map View – PNG 1242×2208 pixels (1.1MB)

Screenshot 4 in Device / Home Feed – PNG 1242×2208 pixels (1.2MB)

Screenshot 5 in Device / Tag View – PNG 1242×2208 pixels (903KB)

Superpowers For Your iPhone

Superpowers for your iPhone

Superpowers For Your iPhone – PNG 800×1600 pixels (1.6MB)


iTagged Logo

iTagged Logo – JPG 1242×1242 pixels (227KB)
iTagged Logo – PNG 1024×1024 pixels (34KB)
iTagged Logo – EPS vector (383KB)