Holographic Tags


The Revolution will be HOLOGRAM-ISED!

Heard the news? Traditional social media is dead. All hail iTagged.

With old school social media, everyone’s life stories disappear on a timeline tickertape, never to be seen again.
With iTagged all our stories can keep writing and sharing themselves through augmented reality holograms tagged to specific places and events.

iTagged puts a whole secret world of immortal, incredible floating content right in your hands and in front of your can’t-stop-grinning face.

Here’s the skinny on your new eternal superpowers.

It’s brilliant – just look through your iPhone’s camera or on the iTagged geolocated map and you’ll instantly reveal a hidden world of the most recent tags dropped by people… floating visually all around you… holograms dropped as storytelling anchors.

Tag your photos, memes, thoughts ,videos to a specific place or event. Then they holographically live on forever for your friends or fellow iTAGGERS to share in, comment on and add to.

Forget your experiences being lost in a traditional timeline with iTagged your story and the story of everywhere lives on.

Visually capture, broadcast and share your world as you experience it and then free up those experiences to interact with people, your friends, followers and other iTAGGERS… forever.

Check the tags from that house party last night and see the videos and pics from all iTAGGERS at the party… not just the people you know.

Tag your video content to your college campus and alumni for years will see how you parrrrrtied in 2015 or tag at a concert and share in everyone’s experience on the night and at that venue last week… last year… whenever…

iTagged. The Augmented Reality storyteller that keeps on giving, keeps on living.