Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality lets you overlay digital information on top of the real world in real-time. That digital information is anchored to something in our reality – it could be an image, an object, GPS coordinates, faces, or an event. Augmented Reality enables us to link the real and digital worlds intuitively.

What are Holographic Tags?

Holographic tags are an entirely new way to communicate and share.

Holographic Tags are high-definition screens that can be dropped anywhere in the real world. Holographic tags can contain unlimited videos, photos and conversations for others to discover publicly or kept secret and shared with a group of people.

Holographic tags can be followed, when anyone else updates the tag the content is pushed to your feed just like Twitter. Holographic tags can be dropped anywhere in the real world and the content is preserved forever or you can set them to expire over time just like Snapchat.

How do I use Holographic Tags in the real world?

We want to bring the digital world into the real world and provide context and relevance to all types of information and content. In order to do this we have to move away from the desktop and mobile computing and introduce an entirely new way to interact with content, people and information.

Using iTagged instead of Instagram and you will be able to walk around a city and see it come to life right before your eyes. iTagged turns locations into conversations, physical spaces into interactive playgrounds and lets you share this publicly or privately.

If you’re an upcoming band you could demo your latest video to a new audience by dropping a tag at a concert or festival. This holographic tag can be shared out onto Facebook and Twitter. Imagine being able to reach thousands of people interested in music in real-time anywhere in the world.

How can I view Holographic Tags?

Simply download iTagged here for free on The App Store and you’re all set. Open the World View to start viewing holographic tags all around you or simply drop your own tags and share with the world.

What kind of content can I put into a Holographic Tag?

You can record 10-second videos, have conversations, add photos or even drop in YouTube videos. iTagged has powerful multimedia features built-in so you can edit photos, create memes, do doodles or add some stickers to your existing content before you tag.

How is this different from Virtual Reality technology?

Virtual Reality is a completely immersive experience where the user has to wear an expensive headset linked to an even more expensive computer. VR is brilliant however it’s connected by wires to a PC and only works indoors. The initial applications for VR will be gaming, training and movies but this technology is still in it’s infancy.

Augmented Reality is frictionless and works indoors and outdoors. AR is the perfect technology to capture and share the real world we all live in but best of all, it works on your mobile device now.