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Oct 4

LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION – Pokémon and the future of location based technology.

A really brilliant article from Matmi CEO Jeff Coghlan on our location based augmented future. Let’s talk about Pokemon Go. Unless you’ve been on a digital detox for the past month you should be aware of the phenomenon which is Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is a game that uses GPS location and Augmented Reality (AR) Read More…

Oct 4

Investors pour half a billion dollars into VR and AR startups in the third quarter

Virtual and augmented reality investments continue trending upwards for the ninth consecutive quarter, a recent report by tech advisor Digi Capital claims. According to the Digi-Capital report, venture capitalists invested half a billion dollars into VR/AR startups in the third quarter of 2016, with a record $2.3 billion dollars invested in the last 12 months. Digi-Capital notes Read More…

Oct 4

The Rise of Augmented Reality Technology In a Virtual Reality World

Whether you find your future-self living in a world where Tom Cruise’s smash hit film “Minority Report” engulfs the daily dynamics of your life or a more current scenario of hunting for a rare Pokemon GO species the world of augmented reality is as real as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And, it’s here to Read More…

Sep 7

Snapchat gears up for augmented reality hardware launch

Snapchat has given the strongest hint yet of its ambitions to move from apps into hardware, by joining the industry group that runs the Bluetooth wireless standard. The move, which follows a string of new recruits and acquisitions from the world of consumer electronics, will fuel speculation that the photo-sharing start-up is building a pair Read More…

Sep 7

Watch Sony’s PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’ event live

  Sony is holding a PlayStation Meeting in New York to unveil the PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’, and maybe also a PS4 Slim because why not. In case you don’t care about Apple’s iPhone event today, you can watch Sony’s conference live stream right here on this page. The conference starts at 3 PM ET (12 PM on the West Read More…

Sep 7

Most Pokemon GO Players Want More Augmented Reality Experiences

Near-Term Burden Could Be Placed on Mobile Networks as More Gamers Seek to Move From the Couch to the Great Outdoors SAN JOSE, CA–(Marketwired – Aug 31, 2016) – Pokémon GO is just the tip of the mobile augmented reality (AR) gaming iceberg when it comes to user interest, according to a Vasona Networks survey Read More…

Sep 7

Apple Could Be Working on a Snapchat Clone

It’s all about sharing. Apple might have the ability to buy Snapchat, but it could be planning to clone it instead. Apple is reportedly hard at work on a video-sharing app that would let users record video and apply a wide range of filters and other touch-ups to the clips before sending them out to friends Read More…

Sep 7

The Virtual World is Calling: 16 Predictions for the (Near) Future of VR

A year ago, I met up my friend Eugene Chung who used to run film & media for Oculus virtual reality (VR).  Eugene was telling me about his first VR film he created. At the time, I had very little knowledge about VR but definitely wanted to learn more and very curious. I asked Eugene why anyone Read More…

Sep 7

Forget Pokémon Go, Marketers — The Larger World of AR Is Here

Five Ways Marketers Can Respond to Augmented Reality Regardless of whether Pokémon Go becomes the next Pinterest or is just the Pong of our generation, marketers need to get ready. The game has become a wild hit, with more than 20 million people in the U.S. playing it daily, at twice the usage of Facebook. Read More…

Jul 21

‘Pokémon Go’ is the ‘aha’ moment Augmented Reality has been waiting for

Niantic’s capture fest might be the killer app that augmented reality needs to catch on. Pokémon is a thing right now thanks to Pokémon Go. Niantic’s AR creature-catching game is number one in both the Android and iOS app stores, and it’s on track to have more daily active users than Twitter thanks to an install base of Read More…