About Us

iTagged is an exciting and new way to capture and share all your moments, augmented reality style! Yeah, yeah we know, what the !@#$ is augmented reality?

It’s totally cool! Just look through your iPhones camera and instantly see a secret world of the most recent tags from others, floating around you, in space like a hologram.

Jump into the secret world of amazing content floating all around you

    iTagged Superpowers:

  • Share your photos, memes, videos and so much more and tag it to a specific place
  • Share moments from your daily life with followers and create your story
  • Capture the world around you-- as you experience it. Broadcast it to allow others to discover your most exciting moments
  • Interact with people around you in an entirely unique way
  • Follow what all your friends are doing; discover exactly what happened at that party last night
  • Tag your college campus leaving video content for your friends to discover;
  • Or just take a photo, add a funny caption and drop it on your friend’s house for fun!